Woman! Life! Freedom! A Children's Guide to the Free Iran Movement features 13 vibrant, hand-painted, original illustrations and explores all the aspects of what "Freedom" means. The book offers context for why the youth in Iran continue to bravely protest, and attributes the powerful call "Woman, Life, Freedom" to the liberatory Kurdish philosophy Jin, Jiyan, Azadi.

Designed for children 4-12 years old, the book frames the Iranian government's control of its people and resources in terms of bullying and theft, and visually reflects a global movement for a Free Iran and solidarity across class, ethnic, and tribal backgrounds, centering women's and LGBTQ rights.

**For every 10 books sold, one book will be donated to a library, community center, or school. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of individual books will be donated to the Center for Mind-Body Medicine to support their collaboration with Cook for Iran.