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WOMAN! LIFE! FREEDOM! A Children's Guide to the Free Iran Movement

WOMAN! LIFE! FREEDOM! A Children's Guide to the Free Iran Movement

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This vibrant, hardback book features 13 stunning, original, hand-painted illustrations. Woman! Life! Freedom! A Children's Guide to the Free Iran Movement explores themes of freedom and global solidarity in a simple way designed for children ages 4-12 years old.  

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of individual books will be donated to the Center for Mind-Body Medicine to sustain their work supporting people on the ground in Iran around trauma. This collaboration with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine is with Cook for Iran

ABOUT THE CREATORS: This book is a collaboration between author Roya Rastegar, PhD., co-founder of the Iranian Diaspora Collective, illustrator Parisa Pourhoseyni, and designer Parisa Dale - three Iranian women across three different countries.

Roya Zahra Rastegar, PhD. (author) is a mom of 2 boys, Neev and Roshan Azad, and an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and teacher. She is the co-founder of the Iranian Diaspora Collective, a 501c3 pending organization committed to amplifying the voices of the youth in Iran who are fighting to free their country. She teaches film at UCLA and received her PhD in the History of Consciousness under the guidance of freedom fighter Angela Y. Davis.
Parisa Pourhoseyni is an acclaimed children's book illustrator. This is her first project to be published in the USA. Her paintings bring a distinctly Iranian, textured, and vibrant vision to this children's guide to freedom. Pourhosseyni was born in Tehran, and graduated from the Tehran Art University. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey.
Parisa Dale is an Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary designer with a love for nostalgia & colour. Dale has been passionate about the Woman! Life! Freedom! Children's book from the jump, bringing a bubbly, stylish, and modern vibe to the book's design. Dale holds a Bachelor of Design from York University.
MORE ABOUT THE BOOK: Led by women and girls, the historic freedom movement in Iran is historic and intersectional. This book:
    • features 13 vibrant, hand-painted, original illustrations
    • explores all the aspects of what "Freedom" means: from education, to labor rights, to protecting wildlife and natural resources
    • offers context for why the youth in Iran continue to bravely protest
    • attributes the powerful call "Woman, Life, Freedom" to the Kurdish liberation philosophy Jin, Jiyan, Azadi;
    • frames the Iranian government's control of its people and resources in terms of bullying and theft;
    • reflects solidarity across class, ethnic, and tribal backgrounds, centering women's and LGBTQ rights;
    • represents a global solidarity movement to support a free Iran.

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